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Welcome Silverlight 2 RTW!

Pete Brown - 13 October 2008

pmb_silverlight_storkThis is the second birth I’ve been privileged to witness this month, and if I made any more comparison than that, my wife would surely kill me ;)

As of October 14, Silverlight 2 has now hit that most important of milestones: RTW (or RTM if you would rather picture conveyor belts full of CDs and boxes). Expect to see downloads live sometime in the morning.

Existing end users will be automatically upgraded to Silverlight 2 RTW. If your app is still running on Beta 2, now’s the time to bring it up to the current rev.

If you took advantage of the RC0 release to upgrade your Beta 2 applications, you’ll find the upgrade pretty painless; there are no breaking changes between RC0 and RTW. If you waited a bit and skipped RC0, however, you’ll have a bit more work to do. In that case, be sure to search on RC0 breaking changes, as that’s how you’ll find the more useful blog posts. For my own part, here are two posts I wrote regarding RC0 upgrade issues (Debugging VSM Styles and Introducing RC0).

To upgrade to RTW from RC0, all you should need to do is uninstall the old runtime, sdk, tools and blend, install the new ones and then recompile and deploy your application. If you’re using custom javascript instantiation or have hand-coded the object tag, you’ll need to do a little more work, primarily around upgrading to the latest silverlight.js and setting the type in the object tag.

You can find more information about the RTW milestone on Microsoft Presspass.

Silverlight adoption continues to grow rapidly, with penetration in some countries approaching 50 percent and a growing ecosystem that includes more than 150 partners and tens of thousands of applications. During the 17 days of the 2008 Olympics Games in Beijing, NBCOlympics.com, powered by Silverlight, had more than 50 million unique visitors, resulting in 1.3 billion page views, 70 million video streams and 600 million minutes of video watched, increasing the average time on the site (from 3 minutes to 27 minutes) and Silverlight market penetration in the U.S. by more than 30 percent. Broadcasters in France (France Televisions SA), the Netherlands (NOS), Russia (Sportbox.ru) and Italy (RAI) also chose Silverlight to deliver Olympics coverage online. In addition, leading companies such as CBS College Sports, Blockbuster Inc., Hard Rock Cafe International Inc., Yahoo! Japan, AOL LLC, Toyota Motor Corp., HSN Inc. and Tencent Inc. are building their next-generation experiences using Silverlight.

And check out the continued investment in open source:

Microsoft announced plans to support additional tools for developing Silverlight applications by providing funding to Soyatec, a France-based IT solutions provider and Eclipse Foundation member, to lead a project to integrate advanced Silverlight development capabilities into the Eclipse IDE. Soyatec plans to release the project under the Eclipse Public License Version 1.0 on SourceForge and submit it to the Eclipse Foundation as an open Eclipse project.

So get to bed early tonight to be up and ready for all the fun tomorrow :)

posted by Pete Brown on Monday, October 13, 2008
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5 comments for “Welcome Silverlight 2 RTW!”

  1. James Stanleysays:
    I don't understand why the final release of the developer tools and the end-user plug-in must be released on the same day. Even with the advance warning of RC0, if your application uses 3rd party controls like ours does, you're at the mercy of a domino effect of every bit of upstream code working right on the RTW before the site can switch over. I could be looking at a business outage of days before it all gets sorted out.
  2. Bart Czernickisays:

    I completely agree. This is why people who have Intranet apps, demos or have a working prototype for clients...I recommend they turn off auto updates on the Silverlight 2 plug-in. You obviously can't do this if your app is on the internet, but if you are doing an internal app you might have control over the client workstations. I wrote about this here:


    This is why I application demos inside Virtual Appliances :) We have one Silverlight 2 Beta 2 application in demos right now. And since I can control the workstations it is being shown on...this was an easy choice to buy me some time until I upgrade to RTM.

    Also what is strange is the download seems to be posted here from Microsoft:

    It says (RC1)...are the tools the final relase or is this some release candidate??? Maybe this will change by morning (?)
  3. CalvinCsays:
    I've attempted to upgrade a Silverlight 2 Beta 2 application to RTW via the following procedure.

    1. Uninstalled the old runtime, sdk, tools and blend
    2. Installed the new runtime, sdk, tools and blend
    3. Recompiled and deployed my application

    On the Visual Studio development server, the runs fine using either Firefox or IE. On the production IIS server, it runs fine on Firefox; but IE displays the Install Silverlight icon.

    What else do I need to do to get this app to deploy correctly?
  4. Pete Brownsays:

    Not sure why you would try and run Silverlight directly on the server - it is a client technology. However, chances are the server is 64 bit and you're using the 64 bit browser. Silverlight only runs on 32 bit browsers.


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