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Tip: Path Variable Expansion in Vista

Pete Brown - 02 June 2008

I was just installing some beta bits and it required removing some files from my temp folder %temp%.

I didn't realize until this weekend that you could type a path variable, like %temp% into the Vista address bar and it will just work.


I never tried that in XP, but it probably works there as well.

Prior to discovering this, I used to hop out to a command prompt when I wanted to know what a variable resolved to. I used to do a lot of DOS programming way back, so when I think of path variables, I immediately think command prompt.


I know you can go into Control Panel, System Properties, Advanced, Environment variables, but that's a lot of clicking for something simple.

I've read that most folks only use something like 10% of the features in Microsoft Word. I suspect the operating system functions and shell niceties have a similar usage rate.

posted by Pete Brown on Monday, June 2, 2008
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2 comments for “Tip: Path Variable Expansion in Vista”

  1. Michael C. Neelsays:
    That's very cool!

    I also love any "file browse..." dialog will take an http:// address... great for the websites that don't let you link to a photo, but want you to upload one instead. It looks like behind the scenes Vista downloads the file to temp, and uploads that copy.

    This is also handy to spell check a website I'm working on - just open the url in Word ;)

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