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What's up (or down) with Windows Live ID?

Pete Brown - 03 March 2008

Ok, I've imbibed more Microsoft Kool-aid than most people. I love working with Microsoft tools and with Microsoft employees. However, Windows Live ID (Passport) is starting to really get on my nerves.

The other day, right before I was to demo a Silverlight site (www.heroeshappenhere.com) as part of a Silverlight talk for a CIO audience, something at Windows Live ID went down. I couldn't demo the part of the site I wanted to. Annoying, but I worked around it as luckily I caught it before getting to the podium. I couldn't show what I wanted to, though.

A few weeks prior to that, when I went to book travel for MIX08, Windows Live ID went down several times, making booking travel an all-night affair. Very annoying. Luckily I was able to get in on those very full flights despite the delay.

Tonight, I went to print out my itinerary for tomorrow's flight, lest I forget what time I am leaving or what airline I happened to pick this time (this is a different PC from the other problems, and a different network from the demo problem) , and I get this:


More than a little annoying, and not a one-time fluke! It is still down.

Now, I don't really care if the problem is with Expedia or with Windows Live. The Live ID branding is on this page, and passport been the source of multiple problems in the past. Much as people blame the OS for driver issues, or Silverlight for "Silverlight Error E_zzz" messages from poorly coded websites, I'm laying this one squarely on Windows Live ID until someone proves to me that it is something else.

In case there was any question as to why Passport originally failed, when Microsoft wanted everyone to trust Passport with their credentials for critical applications, one only need to look at this.

Now to go dig up that confirmation email that has the itinerary. I hope I saved a copy!

posted by Pete Brown on Monday, March 3, 2008
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