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Department of Homeland Device Driver Faults

Pete Brown - 18 January 2008

I was in Redmond all last week for a Silverlight meeting. My connecting flight from Denver to Baltimore was delayed so many times that it was around 3:00am when I exited the concourse at BWI and passed through security on my way out. 

I always like to see the various applications running on the big screens at the airports. The ones at BWI are typically pretty boring, but I've seen some fairly nice ones at other airports. Any number of them would make great WPF applications. I especially like the ones running at the gates which show nice-looking weather and logo graphics combined with time and destination information.

This one, however, the rolling security information at the security gate at 3:00am, could use a little help. Looks like ATI strikes again ;-)


(forgive the terrible low-light mobile phone photo. trust me that it's a BSOD traced to an ATI driver)

posted by Pete Brown on Friday, January 18, 2008
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