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Pete Brown - 28 November 2007

Man, I have to install this.

My father forwards me all sorts of junk in email, like how to boycott gas companies , the origin of golf, and the color of coke. Even better are the pages of Worth1000 photochops (w1k watermark clipped off, of course) passed off as real photos. He knows most of it is false, but he just can't help press that "send" key on the off chance that maybe there's a tiny bit of truth to it.

I've always referred him back to specific Snopes pages. In fact, that can be quite a project when you get one of those emails that has 15 or 20 aggregated false or misleading statements in it. Some times I come across one that is just so wrong that it bugs me until I can find online proof. Other times I realize maybe my time would be better spent playing with my kid :)

Anyway, Tim Heuer has come up with Snope-It. It's an Outlook 2007 add-in that will search Snopes for you. It might even be worth modifying it to add an autoresponder to email coming from certain addresses [6]. Pester Tim for the binary and source so we can all benefit from this

Now if it would only get rid of the annoying popups Snopes has added over the past couple years (it used to be such a clean site too)

posted by Pete Brown on Wednesday, November 28, 2007
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