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More Silverlight 1.1 Hints

Pete Brown - 22 November 2007

As is often the case with Silverlight 1.1 news, it's the little things said in other contexts that clue us in to what to expect with upcoming releases. I hate to pull out the tea leaves, but I can't help it this time :)

In this post by Mke Harsh, he mentions that the team has put out the first Silverlight 1.0 service release. However, he also mentions this about 1.1:

In the midst of all the work our team has been cranking on for Silverlight v1.1 (controls, databinding, layout, templates, styling and a package based app model, phew!),

We've heard about the controls, databinding, layouts, templates and styling before. I'm really looking forward to them. However, "package-based app model" is a new one to me. That sounds very promising, assuming this is going to be a way to deliver segments of applications to the client and/or handle pay-as-you-go download functionality.

Silverlight is a very exciting product. I can't wait to see what the next revs will bring us :)

Now, as far as 1.0 fixes go, there are a couple that are huge, and have been on everyone's mind for a while. I'm especially glad to see these in there:

  • HTTP redirection now works for images and other media
  • Loading XAML from a script tag will now work on all supported browsers

The first one (http redirects) is a question that has come up a lot on the Silverlight.net forums.

I would expect to see those in an upcoming refresh of 1.1 as well.

posted by Pete Brown on Thursday, November 22, 2007
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5 comments for “More Silverlight 1.1 Hints”

  1. Ben Hayatsays:
    <p>Pete; I've been wondering about the exact thing regarding this "Package-based App Model". I'm trying to speculate in my own mind what this means, but hey as long as they're doing something about application model, is better than what we have now (nothing)!</p><p>I wish we would get more details about this.</p>
  2. Fayez Almutairisays:
    In my opinion ... the application package model .. is something like Flash (SWF) files. which means .. you will have the option to package your silverlight files (i.e. DLLs, images, sounds, XAML, ... ) all in a one downloadable package.

    I think ".sl" will be the extension for these files :).

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