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Thank you! Say goodbye to "Click to Activate"

Pete Brown - 08 November 2007

One of the most annoying developments over recent years has been the "Click here to active this control" message you get whenever visiting sites that use Flash or other browser plugin technology. The worst is when it is used in a menu or some other critical navigation scheme, and you have to do this for each postback.

You can get around that by using script to create the object tag. That's exactly what Silverlight does by default. However, most sites don't seem to have caught on to that when using Flash

Microsoft has reached an agreement (sounds like they caved) to end this annoyance as early as December 2007. Read more about it here.

I look forward to this going away!

posted by Pete Brown on Thursday, November 8, 2007
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4 comments for “Thank you! Say goodbye to "Click to Activate"”

  1. Adamsays:
    You can load Flash objects without the user having to click to activate using the javascript from http://blog.deconcept.com/swfobject/. It does much more than just load a Flash object also such as prompting the user to install or upgrade Flash, etc...
  2. Pete Brownsays:
    Yes, thanks Ray, I know. It's not a matter of what you *can* do, it's a matter of what people actually do on their sites.

    I'm not a Flash developer, just a user. I really don't care about it from a developer standpoint. I just get annoyed when I go to a site and have to deal with the "click to activate" junk.


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