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  • Extension Methods in Silverlight and .NET 3.5

    In my spare time, I've been working on a Silverlight sample that can be used to browse the wallpaper on my main web site. As part of that, I have been implementing a custom panel with layout/positioning code. Since all coordinates in Silverlight are double values, you can sometimes get stuck in situations where you need to treat 1.0000001 and 1.00001 as the same value. Rather than implement...

  • Optimizing the Silverlight Install Experience

    Tim Sneath has put together a post and his team a whitepaper  with information on how to do an in-place install of Silverlight. Using the default approach (as we did on our early work) is ok, but it isn't a great user experience. In that setup, the user is redirected to a separate page and must click through the EULA before moving on. They're off your site at that point, and t...