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Expression Design SP1

Pete Brown - 19 October 2007

Expression Design Service Pack 1 has been released. See the Expression Design Team Blog here.

These two features are one that I've really been waiting for:

  • Text can now be exported as TextBlocks for Silverlight applications.
  • In the release version of Expression Design, all objects were given default names. Naming objects is now optional. When the "Always name objects on export" option is not selected, only objects you have explicitly named in Expression Design are given a name on export.

Now to try it out and see if they also work with "copy xaml"

The export of text as textblocks is something that was really missing in the earlier release. Previously, that was all exported as paths, and you had to recreate it in Blend/xaml to be able to actually programmatically control what the text displayed.


posted by Pete Brown on Friday, October 19, 2007
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