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Cool Tools for Kids

Pete Brown - 16 October 2007

I'm in the middle of a never-ending home renovation project. As such, I tend to use my two Bosch drills a lot. My son (20 months old now) was obsessed with the "brrrumba" (his name for the drill, based on its sound), and would go nuts whenever I used it.

So we bought him a toy drill. Unfortunately, because it had googly eyes and looked nothing like mine, he barely would use it. When he did use it, he would go around the house and find things that looked like screws in his toys, train table, cabinets, etc. and pretend to drill them.

I went to Target one day and found the perfect answer. It is close enough to my own drill that Ben uses it without any fuss. It makes the same types of noises and even has the batteries in the battery pack. Here's a photo of my drill and Ben's drill, side-by-side.

It's funny that at his age, he already has to have "the real thing" or he isn't interested. Just like he doesn't like the fake laptops (he likes his mom's), he isn't going for the obviously fake tools.

I think I'll teach him how to use a screwdriver sooner rather than later so he doesn't satisfy his curiosity by disassembling his toys by force like I did :)

posted by Pete Brown on Tuesday, October 16, 2007
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1 comment for “Cool Tools for Kids”

  1. graphexsays:
    Now if only Festool would produce a toy line...
    By the way - after seeing your reference to the Kapex, I wiped the drool off my face and called Festool and they said we'll see a miter (or mitre... probably still metric) saw in May '08.

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