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  • Announcing squrl.us

    A colleague of mine at Applied Information Sciences, Oskar Austegard, just announced squrl.us on his blog at mo.notono.us Squrl does a few more things than your average short URL generator.For example, when I entered the URL for one of my blog pages, squrl generated:squrl: http://squrl.us/2t mobile: http://m.squrl.us/2t cache: http://c.squrl.us/2t translated: http://t.squrl.us/2t (if your origi...

  • Nikhil Kothari's Web Development Helper

    If you attended Brad Abrams' Remix07 Boston session on Silverlight, Ajax and Video, you saw him use Nikhil Korhari's Web Development Helper.I highly recommend this tool. You can download it from Nikhil's projects site here.