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World Tag RFID Tags on a Building?

Pete Brown - 20 June 2007

I was taking my son to go see the ducks in a pond in the Waugh Chapel Shopping Center in Odenton, MD a week back. When walking back, I passed by a store that has a daycare in the back. On the outside wall, at two points near eye-level (one near the corner, one near the center of the wall), were two World Tag RFID tags, each about the size of a quarter.

Does anyone know what these would be used for? My brief research shows them being used primarily for manfucturer package tracking. They also don't have enough of a signal to be used for any type of real navigation or similar.

Since these store data written wirelessly, perhaps there are messages in those for people with an appropriate reader? Is this the modern graffiti?

Post or email me if you know!

posted by Pete Brown on Wednesday, June 20, 2007
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