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  • Fix to Inherit from Silverlight Sample Controls

    (I posted this in the Silverlight Programming with .NET forum)FYI. I ran into this problem tonight, and thought I'd post the solution here.I am using sample controls in the SDK. In my solution, I have kept the 1.1 SDK example in its own project, as it is shipped, and I reference it from my main project.In the Silverlight SDK Controls examples, there is a class named ControlBase. In my main ...

  • Debugging XAML Errors with Silverlight

    When programming in silverlight 1.1 in Orcas, you'll often find an exception being tossed by the InitializeFromXaml method of controls. In our case, since all the logical pages except for the root are implement as controls, this happens quite a bit.Unfortuantely, the debugging information isn't very helpful. If you bungled something in the XAML, you'll get an AG_E_PARSER_xxxx e...