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What Happened to Black Cherry Vanilla Diet Coke?

Pete Brown - 08 June 2007


I hate it when I get addicted to something and then everyone stops carrying it. I can't find this stuff anywhere anymore. Instead all I see is the usual suspects and coke with vitamins. Who the heck drinks Coke for the vitamins? When I drink Coke I want something that tastes good, gives me some caffeine, and rots my brain a bit (or teeth if you drink the regular stuff), certainly not vitamins :)

posted by Pete Brown on Friday, June 8, 2007
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9 comments for “What Happened to Black Cherry Vanilla Diet Coke?”

  1. Scott Norrissays:
    Agreed completely!! My wife loved this flavor of Coke and it stopped appearing in stores about a month ago. She doesn't have another favorite, so she is drinking Diet Dr. Pepper and maybe Coke Classic. I seem to find the same thing is true for cereals that I like - off the shelf in 6 months.
  2. robynsays:
    Oh how I feel your pain - I just ranted about this myself:


    Try mixing the Coke Vanilla Zero and Diet Cherry Coke - so close I'm not sure a blind taste-test could fool me.
  3. LongBow986 (Darren)says:
    Amen, i'd like to write a steaming letter, but being the nice guy i am, i wouldnt, i really hope they didnt quit making it. where i go to college, we have one machine on campus that has a VERY limited supply of BCV Cokes, so upon seeing this, i'll buy 2 of them tomorrow, one to drink, and one to save and stick on a collection rack, next to the Red Fusion :D (dont get me started on that! that stuff was good!)
  4. Trishsays:
    They DID stop making it. I practically Assaulted the 'coke' guy while he was stocking shelves at my local grocery store...
    I think they put crack in it, I was HOOKED on it. Oh, and I was also addicted to "act II" Sweet Corn ON the Cob Microwave Popcorn (also discontinued)... What is WRONG with these folks???
    Desperate for BCVDC.
  5. Julesays:
    Solidarity with all the Black Cherry Vanilla Coke junkies. We'll probably hear in a year or two that it was made in China with some poisonous crap in it! Next time everyone vote your own best interests so we can stop the insanity!
  6. Daniellesays:
    I know that you posted this several years ago......BUT!, I completely agree. That was my favorite pop, and I would love to know where to get my hands on more.

    Have a good one!

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