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Server Rack Photos and Technical Information

Pete Brown - 03 June 2007

In a previous post, I mentioned that I had won an APC Netshelter server rack on eBay. 

I just put in a dedicated 20amp circuit to power the computers on this rack. So far, 20amps seems to be more than enough. If not, it's easy to run another as the rack is in the same room as the main panel.

Here are two photos (click for larger versions) of the rack loaded with the current equipment:


The rack itself is an APC NetShelter AR2100BLK with front and rear doors and both side panels (one side panel is off while I figure out wiring and do something better than my current high-tech air movement device <g>) 

From the top:

  • Verizon FIOS router/modem
  • 4-port KVM (looking to replace this with an 8-port rack version)
  • Netgear 24 port 10/100 switch
  • Monitor and keyboard
  • 2U Home-Built WSS Server (waiting for me to stand up DB server, see below). On sliding rails
    • Single P4 2.66GHz 2GB RAM
    • The guts used to be Melissa's desktop before she moved to a laptop (that LCD is her old monitor too).
  • 2U Home-Built Mail and DNS server. On sliding rails.
    • Single 2.4ghz P4 1GB RAM.
    • The mail server I run is freeware with C# source. You can snag a copy at Lumisoft.
    • The guts were my desktop at one point.
  • Bunch of blanking panels to help with looks and airflow
  • Current web server that is running this blog and my main website, as well as their databases. This machine is very old and tired, and will be replaced soon. It's also not a rack server, as you can see. This was my desktop eons agom and served as a caldera linux box before becoming my web server. Looking at the specs, and the amount of traffic I get on this site, I'm amazed that this little guy has been able to keep up not only as a web server, but as a database server as well. My site has been running on this server for quite a long time.
    • Single P3 700mhz, 768MB RAM
    • Slated for replacement
  • 2U IBM 345 Server. On IBM sliding rails. This is to be my new database server. I won this on eBay; there are tons of them used on there for < $500.
    • Dual Xeon 2.4ghz processors, 4GB of ram 
    • Four (will be six as soon as the hot swap trays arrive) 147GB 15K RPM SCA SCSI recertified drives.  The drives were purchased separately on eBay. This will be ready to go once the two empty trays arrive and the new ServeRAID 6i+ card comes (will be in next week or so). All were eBay purchases.
    • The quality of this machine, its airflow, diagnostics etc. beats the pants off of any home-made server.
  • Blanking panels
  • Empty rack-mount server case. This is what I'll use when I retire my desktop. No rails for it yet.

I want to replace the web server with another IBM 345 or 360 as soon as I find one with what I want at a reasonable price. I also plan to retire my current P4 3GHz 2GB desktop sometime in the next several months and turn it into a media / storage server with a TB or 2 for serving photos, video and music to the whole house. I want to build a dual or quad-core with 4GB for my primary workstation.

You can see the old server setup (with the same web server) if you scroll down on my about page. Reading that page, I see I need to update the technical information, and it might be good to have a photo of my son that is more recent than over a year ago <g>.

While the rack looks huge and does take up some space, it really frees up a lot of space in the utility room. As it is on wheels, I am also free to move it around a bit to work on the machines or wiring. It really helps.

posted by Pete Brown on Sunday, June 3, 2007
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