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FIOS Upgrade Complete (well, mostly)

Pete Brown - 13 April 2007

Verizon completed the FIOS upgrade yesterday after literally an entire day of their techs waiting around. Just after 5:00pm, the five static IPs were assigned and the tech was able to program the router.

In order for that all to happen, I had to cancel the FIOS TV and Phone service. The manager there told me to call him at his office on Monday so he can put it all back through. The problem is that they don't really like to do FIOS Static + FIOS TV at a residence. They do it for businesses all the time, and they have done it for residences before. Given that I'm paying for business-level broadband service at $99 a month, that is silly (the management agrees).

On the upside, the FIOS internet service is blazing fast. I'm getting over 15k down and 1.8k up. That's 10 times the download speed of my older DSL and almost 3 times the upload speed. I'll see how it does over time and whether or not load in the neighborhood affects it like it does cable.

posted by Pete Brown on Friday, April 13, 2007
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  1. Tom G.says:
    Hehe I know the original post was in 2007 but I upgraded my FIOS too to static IP's. But I got the Business Upgrade (this must have been 2006isch).

    But to find out they disconnected my residential so I was without internet until a installer came by to upgrade it to business. But the same day I get a call from Norfolk and the Verizon tech's found out a way to remote reconfigure the ONT.

    Well so I was up again. But here is where it get's good. 2 days later I get a call for scheduling the technician. I told verizon "No thanks, I'm actually good now.". Meaning good as in they already got me back up I didnt need a tech. 2 weeks later I get a letter "we're sorry to loose you as a customer can you please send our router back". Put the cheesy d-link into the mail and well a few month later I was wondering when I get my first bill. I eventually moved and never received a bill ;-).

    Yes miracles do happen every once and a while.

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