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  • What is up with the Credit Card industry?

    Last year, our credit card was bought by another large bank/credit card company. Today, they finally started to make some changes. As usual, those changes are not for the benefit of the consumer.First hs a new minimum finance charge. You can opt out of that via mail (with a tight deadline for responding, of course), so we will.The second one, for which your only recourse would be to dump the co...

  • The Festool slippery slope

    Last year, I started getting into Festool tools. Festool is a German tool company that manufactures the tools in Germany. Almost all other popular tools these days are made in asia by the lowest bidder. You pay a premium for the tools, but like nice German cars, you just can't quite match them for less. Festool is squarely targeted at professionals in Europe and abroad. In the US, the compa...