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House in the Woods

Pete Brown - 06 March 2007

Often times when I tell people I live in the woods, I fail to convey the "woodiness" of what is around here, and why windstorms scare me a bit [:P] Someone from West Virginia would laugh at what qualifies as woods out here near Annapolis, but the locals know how scarce this can be.

From the last snow we had, here's a view from the bend in our driveway towards the house:

The ravine is to the right of the photo. People driving to my house for the first time usually get a little freaked out over that. hehe.

And from a few years back, here's are two views out the back. In the first photo, you can see the neighbor just across the ravine. The second photo was taken from our deck just after a windstorm knocked down a couple trees in our back yard.

It's always hard to convey the height of the trees or the depth of the ravine from photos, but I hope this helps.

posted by Pete Brown on Tuesday, March 6, 2007
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