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  • See you at MIX07

    I'll be attending MIX again this year. Highlights include WPF and WPF/e.Due to the nature of the crowd MIX tries to attact, they do night clubs instead of something fun. This year, the night event is at the PURE nightclub in LV. While I wasn't really into that, I checked into it anyway. They have one of the strictest dress codes of any nightclub out there. The references I found said th...

  • More on Spammers

    Every time I leave a blog entry open for comments for more than, say 24 hours, I get pummeled by some a**wipe of a spammer who puts in literally hundreds of entries (obviously scripted). I have comment moderation turned on, so the spammer is just wasting his time and my time; the entries will never make it on to the site. When I convert over to hosting this on SharePoint, I'll add in a...