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Baby's so cute, he causes car accidents

Pete Brown - 06 September 2006

We were in the parking lot for Annapolis Endodontics today, where Melissa was getting a root canal done (her first, I believe. I'm a veteran <g>). Earlier, Ben had been getting all sorts of oohs and ahhs from the ladies behind the counter there. There's something about folks that work at dentist offices as the ladies at our regular dentist go nuts over him too. I won't complain. heh

Melissa was putting Ben in the car seat, when an elderly lady started to pull into the spot next to us, and noticed the baby. She was smiling and waving at Ben as she continued to pull in, and not paying attention at all to what she was doing.

She did a nice rear quarter full bumper-height scrrrrape on the Nissan SUV parked in the next spot over. Ouch!

I was running a project status call at the time, from the back seat of the car, and we had to split. I have no idea if she told the owner of that car. I'm sure noticing that on your car would be a nice way to end a trip out for a root canal ;-)

Now we can tell Ben that he was such a distractingly cute baby caused car accidents :-)

posted by Pete Brown on Wednesday, September 6, 2006
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