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Milling it Square

Pete Brown - 03 July 2006

There's nothing quite like the sound and feeling of wood you have so crisply milled you could cut your finger on the edge. You stack the wood and you get that air-cushioned "clack" sound from two pieces that are so perfectly square and true that they stick to your cast iron saw top due to the suction of the flat face. You mill a bunch of rails so perfectly sized that you can stack and rack them like a deck of cards.

You can't get that from lumber you purchase at the local Home Depot or Lowes. No, if you can actually manage to find a piece there that isn't shaped like a cross between a banana and a twizzler, you still don't have those tight corners, and crisp, square edges. You don't get that freshly cut maple smell. You can get that only by jointing and planing the pieces yourself.

It's the sound, smell, and feeling of something tangeable, something far beyond bits and bytes.

posted by Pete Brown on Monday, July 3, 2006
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