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Crashing with Expression Interactive Designer May 2006 CTP

Pete Brown - 23 June 2006

If you are having problems where the EID menus don't drop down, and shortcut keys cause a crash (or opening a .csproj causes a crash) in the design surface assembly, be sure to check out this blog entry. It may help.

The problem is related to the image processing DLLs. Unfortunately, that means you have to unwind your installs all the way back to the WinFX package, before fixing them, so I hope you didn't install the SDK and everything already :)

Unfortunately it didn't fix the problem for me, although it has for others. I will continue to investigate.

posted by Pete Brown on Friday, June 23, 2006
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2 comments for “Crashing with Expression Interactive Designer May 2006 CTP”

  1. Pete Brownsays:
    Locate the temporary directory where the installs downloaded to. I'm on a separate PC, so I don't have that location handy. Once you find them, delete them and start the install again. Either that, or download the full install package.

    Once you do that, if it still fails, manually uninstall and reinstall the graphics codec MSI. That is what I had to do on my laptop.

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