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  • Why the Browser?

    I've overheard conversations at MIX06, as well as at other gatherings such as the PDC. I've also helped answer questions on several difrerent mailing lists. A common theme I've heard is that IT folks are trying to work around browser limitations in order to deliver rich applications on their internet internet. These days, developer productivity is key to the success of any IT organization. M...

  • Vista 5308 on Virtual PC

    At MIX06 we were given a bootable DVD with the latest Vista bits. Since dual-boot is not an option right now, I thought I'd try it out in a VPC. I knew the performance would be poor as the VPC has no accelerated graphics, and does take a CPU hit. I also knew I'd lose the glass, shadows, and some of the other eye candy. However, I have a 3ghz laptop with 2 gig of RAM and a mobility rad...

  • Growth Spurt

    Amazing! In just the couple days I've been in Las Vegas, my five week old son hit a growth spurt that had him, in two days, outgrow his diapers and many of his 0-3 month clothes. It's incredible how their bodies can work like that. I mean, I have almost outgrown a pair of pants after eating candy and ice cream at the PDC for a week, but I didn't suddenly pull a Bill Bixby->Lou Ferrign...