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  • MIX06 Day 1 Recap XAML, WPF, WPF/E

    Day 1 started with Bill's Keynote and ended with a short trip to TAO (a little too claustraphobic for me), and some time at the slots. Here are the highlights from today: XAML Flow Documents One of the less-touted but still very interesting bits of WPF is the new XAML document support. XAML Flow Documents (a type of loose XAML) provide a great way for folks to get document content pushed out ...

  • MIX06 Keynote - Day 1

    I'm here at Internet Alley in the hallway of the Venetian hotel in Las Vegas. First, let me say that I have never been a hotel complex this big. Not only are the rooms huge (mine is 1200 square feet and has two televisions and a marble bathroom) but so is everything else. The PDC is full of geeks, and for the most part, we dress the part (see comment about Bill's hairdo below. hehe). This con...