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DLinq code from Dinesh

Pete Brown - 13 October 2005

Dinesh has posted some sample DLinq code in his blog. I can't help but get a little excited whenever I see the line between persistent data and their design time class and runtime object representations blurred a bit further.

Just over a week ago, we had a Microsoft MVP summit here in Redmond. It was great to meet with such a smart and energized group of people who really get what we do and even better, tell us when we don't get it! Their dedication was really admirable - imagine showing up on Saturday morning at 8:30 am after a Friday night party.

We had a series of breakout sessions - each repeated four times to ensure small group discussion. It was a bit exhausting but very rewarding. Here is one thing I had promised to MVPs - now available for all the LINQ users out there. Final version of my demo code. This is an adpatation of my PDC demo - with stored procedure (sproc) support shown. The sproc part is an alternative to dynamically generated SQL. So comment it out if you don't care about it (and uncomment the non-sproc query).

It's definitely worth a read.

posted by Pete Brown on Thursday, October 13, 2005
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