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  • Gift Registries

    A few folks have asked us where Melissa is registered for the baby. Here are the links: Nurtured Family : Natural fuzzi bunz cloth diapers and wipes. Please follow the instructions on registry page as they aren't quite as automated as other places. Babies 'R' Us : Lots of things, including car seats, toys, etc. You can also shop directly at the store; just select the registry that sho...

  • Dec VT180 and the Little Professor

    I first learned BASIC on a DEC VT back in 7th grade at Mary E. Wells Jr High School in Southbridge, MA. Mr Dragon ran the (usually empty) computer room there at the time. While I quickly tired of the monochrome display when I first discovered sprite graphics on the Commodore VIC-20 and C=64, the DEC terminal still holds a place in my heart for being the first computer I ever programmed. I...