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Baby Gear

Pete Brown - 27 September 2005

Here's some interesting baby gear we intend to get:


We ordered a Maya Wrap for Melissa, and a larger one for me, from La Leche league of Annapolis. They sell them as a fundraiser. While we were down there, we saw a fairly slight woman with a very large baby in the wrap, hanging off of her front. She had no problems at all with moving around or using both of her hands. She also didn't look strained or tired, and the baby looked happy and comfortable. That definitely sold me on the idea.


Cloth diapers sure have come a long way since the ones my mum used on us! Fuzzi Bunz are a diaper with a waterproof exterior material and a fleeze inside. Inserts are used to provide absorbancy and easier cleanup. Interestingly enough, the folks in that La Leche league also use these diapers, so we got to see some (clean ones <g>) there. They're very nice.

posted by Pete Brown on Tuesday, September 27, 2005
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