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Commodore 64 Emulator

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The Commodore 64 Emulator is a Silverlight, WPF and Windows Phone 7 project Istarted during the Silverlight 2 pre-release timeframe, andcontinually updated since then. The latest version, which targets Silverlight 4, and possibly WPF4 and Windows Phone 7 supports many games, sound and display using the MediaStreamSource API an on-screen multi-touch keyboard, and better Windows integration when run in out-of-browser mode. The code is based primarily on the Frodo C/C++ emulator code, ported to C#.

Why Silverlight?

When I started the emulator, I did it just to prove that Silverlight was powerful enough to handle pretty unusual applications. Throughout the development process, I've been able to use the emulator to drive features, like the addition of a MediaStreamSource property to control the sound buffer size, and to make MSS friendlier to dynamically-generated sound. Without something as "out there" as this, we probably wouldn't have useful things like that.

Why WPF?

The WPF port is in-progress, and incomplete at the moment. That said, I decided to add a WPF port in to show code sharing between Silverlight and WPF, while taking advantage of different approaches for video and sound generation in WPF.

More information on architecture and features coming. 

(The source on codeplex is an older version without sound or WPF/WP7 integration. New version coming very soon)

7 comments for “Commodore 64 Emulator”

  1. Petesays:
    I have an updated version of this code ready to go.

    I'm still not pleased with how slow this thing is. I think I've taken it about as far as you can on the current architecture. Something based on VICE or other emulator styles may be better. Of course, a DirectX approach would also help.

    I'm waiting for CodePlex to switch me from SVN to Mercurial. Once that is done, I'll upload the new code.

    Note that this version has a new solution structure, but currently only supports Silverlight 5. It does, however, include sound support :)

  2. Nilan Niyomalsays:
    is this emulator for .net gadgeteer? how can i use it in VS2010? am a beginner and also i dont have gadgeteer kit to do this i wanna try making device and emulating so please help me to learn how do emulate a .net gadgeteer device using VS 2010 am waiting for replies...

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