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Recent videos and music tracks

Pete Brown - 03 June 2013

I've put up a few videos and music tracks lately. Enjoy (view on my site to see the videos. They don't usually appear in RSS readers)

Also "Pete plays with arpeggiators". Video created in After Effects and Premiere Pro. The background video is a survey of the lights in my home office one evening.


Inspired by a little board called the "Tune in Tokyo". Video created in After Effects and Premiere Pro. I was trying to get an "old TV" effect. It's close, but also learned a ton by creating this.


Strange public domain video and some BoC inspiration gone far astray :)

Soundcloud Tracks

Here are the original tracks, plus several others, on Soundcloud. Audio quality tends to be a bit better here.

Umbraco blocks iframes, so here's a link to the set.


posted by Pete Brown on Monday, June 3, 2013
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