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Nerdy Monday: How many retro or geek things can you find in my home office?

Pete Brown - 23 January 2011

This is my home office. I took this photo today, not 25 years ago. What nerdy, retro, or geek things can you find in this pictures of my recently cleaned desk? (Click for larger versions)



Post your finds in the comments, or better yet, click the images and select them and comment in Flickr :)

posted by Pete Brown on Sunday, January 23, 2011
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6 comments for “Nerdy Monday: How many retro or geek things can you find in my home office?”

  1. TheLutdditeDevelopersays:
    You desk area suggests that you may be more at home in a workshop. Looks like you may prefer to play with electronics; physical bits and pieces; gadgets; trains; robots; cameras; build computers; things that do something; rather than just write code???

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