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Silverlight 4 in Action is doing Really well. Thanks!

Pete Brown - 28 October 2010

You folks are awesome. This book was a metric boatload of work (but the good kind of work, as opposed to like raking my yard), so it's really gratifying to see it doing so well.


There are something like 8 million books on Amazon. To be in the top 2000 is pretty awesome. To be in the top 100 best selling computer books since pretty much Day 1 is also extremely cool.



posted by Pete Brown on Thursday, October 28, 2010
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11 comments for “Silverlight 4 in Action is doing Really well. Thanks!”

  1. Mike Lanesays:
    Hi Pete,

    Thanks for writing this book as I know that it must have been a heavy load at times. I've just purchased it and have begun reading it but immediately I read about your offer for the download of the code examples (which is what brought me here).

    Well, thanks again for your valuable work and I look forward to reading more of your books in the future.


    Mike Lane
  2. Mike Lanesays:
    Hi Pete,

    I'm not able to find the link or page to allow me to download the source code for this book (as stated in the book on page xxiii). Also Manning's website says (in their FAQs) that they don't provide download's of source code.

    Also FYI, I think that your link to the site map for this site is broken as I got an error (bad code line) when I tried to inspect it for a link to allow me to download the example source code. I was using Chrome as my browser.

    I apologize in advance if I overlooked the download link.

    Mike Lane
  3. Stonesays:
    Hi Pete,

    out from me a big "really thank you"! Your book is one of the best of Silverlight books I've ever read so far. The MVVM chapter (for example) is awesome! Really simple to understand.
    Your book in combination with "Pro Silverlight in C#" of Matthew Mc Donald is the ultimate combination for me.

    Thank you for your hard work.

  4. Mallikarjunsays:

    I am unable to download the source code from the URL "http://www.manning.com/pbrown/". Download completes but the size of the download is less & when extracting the files I get the below error.
    " The archive is either in unknown format or damaged".
    I beleave some problem with the source code files. Please assist me to download it.

  5. Petesays:

    I just downloaded it to be sure. It's fine. It may be your connection, your local ISP, a regional proxy, or something else.

    I can't help you download it. You'll need to retry.


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