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Woot! Silverlight 4 in Action is Out!

Pete Brown - 07 September 2010

My new Silverlight book, Silverlight 4 in Action is now out in paper, published by Manning. Several folks received their copies today, including me


The eBook was made available last week for people who ordered it from Manning. MEAP (early access) customers also received their eBook editions on the same day.

Source code is coming this week. I have half of it uploaded to the internal Manning site. I need to package up the rest of it tonight and tomorrow. You'll be able to download the source from http://manning.com/pbrown once it is up.

My thanks to all the reviewers, forum posters, and other people who helped make this book awesome. Of course, thanks to my Wife for being a single mom for over a year while I wrote this. Apparently I have an almost two year old daughter. Who knew? ;)

<Jedi hand wave> This is the book you're looking for. Go buy it now :)

Oh, if you like it, be sure to post a review on Amazon or other bookseller sites.

posted by Pete Brown on Tuesday, September 7, 2010
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26 comments for “Woot! Silverlight 4 in Action is Out!”

  1. Greg Hollywoodsays:
    The hand wave worked on me - I just ordered my copy. : )

    I read through the sample chapters and found the depth to be excellent - I see too many books just skim the surface - this one starts at the beggining but goes deep as well. Great job, this will be very useful to me as a SL developer.

  2. Cliffsays:
    Bought the book and e-book. Still waiting to locate the code which I desparately need being a Silverlight newbie. I've been the manning e-book download location a few times. There are directions to this site to get the code as well, but don't see any place to get it. Is it available yet? If so, where can I get it. If not, when and where should I monitor.

  3. Ashok Gudurusays:

    It would have been very useful if you would have included a chapter on the Deployment to deploy the application on testing, staging or on the production systems. There are many caveats to deploy Silverlight applications specially when they consume Web Services or WCF services.


  4. Petesays:
    @Cliff (and all)

    The code is now available at http://manning.com/pbrown


    Thanks. I did originally have plans to cover that, but had to cut it due to space and time constraints. I'll definitely consider it for the next edition.
  5. Cliffsays:
    Hi Pete.

    Got the code. Thanks.

    I'm working through the samples. I've hit 10.7 where you pull down a png file for the month. Everything works, except that the png isn't being displayed. I can pull it up in a browser by just typing in the URL. Any thoughts why it would display in the running silverlight app?

    Win 7 pro
    VS 2010
  6. Petesays:

    Did you use the Silverlight app from the downloaded source, or create your own? If the latter, and you didn't add a web project, you'll run into a cross-scheme restriction. The app must be hosted in a web site.

  7. Cliffsays:
    Hi Pete.

    I'm working through your 14.1 example and am trying to add the service reference. I've created the web app and SilverLight app and everything looks like your downloaded example including having the asmx set up. When I go to add the service reference it sees it using Discovery, yet when I select it and continue I get a 404. I've tried several times now. I'm on VS 2010, Windows 7 Pro. I can run your example just fine. Is VS just to stupid to know where it is - do I need to set up VS to do something differently? In all honesty I'm a Technical PM and don't fancy myself a nose-down coder, but I would sure like to understand this technology, the VS knowledge scope I'm obviously missing and be able to re-create these examples, not just look at the code and run yours :)

    Can you offer a solution and an explanation as to why I can't add the service reference?

    Many thanks.

  8. Cliffsays:
    On my last post - it's really looking to http://localhost:<port>/SampleAsmx.asmx - but of course it's not there - it's under Users/... thanks to VS.

    So, I have to do something, but confused as to what it is, and is there anything I can do to set up my dev environment to just do some of this for me?

  9. Cliffsays:
    So, I wanted completely forthcoming. I had not finished adding in the event handler and proxy method code before trying to add the service reference (I didn't realize I had to actually). As it goes, I successfully added the service reference after doing so, and I actually compiled and ran the example. I don't understand why this worked, ánd if you can offer an explanation that would be super.

    However, I won't clog up your blog in the future unless I've done all the coding first, then gone back to perform some step that didn't work.


  10. Petesays:

    No worries

    It almost certainly has to do with whether or not you built the web project before trying to add a service reference.

    You shouldn't have to add code before adding the reference. In fact, you won't get any intellisense that way.

  11. Chrissays:
    Hi Pete,
    I'm in the U.K. and I pre-ordered your book from Amazon with an expected U.K. release of 27th Sept. I'd been eagerly awaiting it's arrival but I received an email from Amazon on the 27th Sept stating that the book has not yet been released and they don't know when it will be.
    Are you aware of this delay? Do you have any information about when it might be available to buy in the U.K.?

  12. Cliffsays:
    Really trying to not to be a bother. I'm working through 17 and I've hit a wall since for some reason it doesn't doesn't like assembly: System.Windows.Controls.Data.DataForm.Toolkit

    Could not load file or assembly 'System.Windows.Controls.Data.DataForm.Toolkit, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=31bf3856ad364e35' or one of its dependencies. Operation is not supported. (Exception from HRESULT: 0x80131515)

    I'm going to try to start from scratch now. Ideas. I used a dataform in a prior chapter with no problems. Not sure why it's screaming now.
  13. Cliffsays:
    The client doesn't see EmployeeContext when I add the new OnNavigateTo code in Home.xaml. I've created the EmployeeService as directed on the Web site (server side). I don't know where the EmployeeContext class is supposed to be on the client side.
  14. Petesays:

    If everything else has been done, to see the EmployeeContext, you will need to do two things:

    1. Build the solution.
    2. Right-click and resolve that to add the appropriate namespace

    You can also post these types of questions on the forums linked to from http://manning.com/pbrown

  15. Daniel WIlliamssays:
    Another person asked about missing images in chapter 10. I understand the cause, but it leads me to wonder if there is something like alt text to display when the image source is not resolvable? I do not see anything like that in the image properties.
  16. Denizsays:
    I just like to say thank you to InkAssassins and Patrick Haney for the GREAT job on my tats that were done this week. I have to give Patrick Haney 5 stars on his work. thanks again Jim Helminski

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