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Silverlight in Action: Chapters are Complete!

Pete Brown - 16 July 2010

Silverlight in Action by Pete Brown

Today, I completed the last chapter in my book, Silverlight in Action Revised Edition by Manning. I have one chapter still in tech review, but authoring the chapters is now complete.


The book, before any image resizing or print layout, has ended up at 819 pages. The page count in Word and the book page count are usually in the same ballpark. Add in the intro materials, toc, and index, and we're looking at something in the 850 range. I haven't looked it up, but I'm betting this is the largest Manning book so far. The previous edition came in at 371 pages including index, and I've used maybe 1/2 to 2/3 of that Silverlight 2 content.

I think this is the most comprehensive Silverlight 4 book you can get.

Thanks for the Tech Reviews and Help

I'd like to thank all the people who have taken time to do tech reviews for me:

  • Tom McKearney for being my top tech reviewer and for being a stickler for language
  • Tad Van Fleet for many chapters of review
  • Al Pascual for many chapters of review
  • Ben Hayat for WCF RIA Services
  • Jeff Handley for WCF RIA Services
  • Tim Heuer from Silverlight for helping with the install experience
  • Rene Schulte for keeping my pixel shader content honest
  • Mike Street on the Manning forums for finding all my coding errors
  • As well as scores of people on the Silverlight team who helped with specific questions and reviews, particularly when I got deep into the weeds of how rendering and layout work.

What's Inside

Here's the final table of contents

  1. Introducing Silverlight [18 pages]
  2. Core XAML [32 pages]
  3. The Application Model and the Plug-In [30 pages]
  4. Integrating with the Browser [27 pages]
  5. Integrating with the Desktop [49 pages]
  6. Layout, Rendering, Transforming [39 pages]
  7. Panels [19 pages]
  8. Human Input [16 pages]
  9. Text [37 pages]
  10. Controls and UserControls [27 pages]
  11. Binding [26 pages]
  12. DataGrid and DataForm [25 pages]
  13. Validation [29 pages]
  14. Networking and Communications [50 pages]
  15. Dialogs and Navigation [39 pages]
  16. The MVVM/ViewModel Pattern and Testing [46 pages]
  17. Introduction to WCF RIA Services [58 pages]
  18. Graphics and Effects [29 pages]
  19. Printing [35 pages]
  20. Displaying and Capturing Media [52 pages]
  21. Working with Bitmap Images [25 pages]
  22. Animation and Behaviors [38 pages]
  23. Styles, Templates, and Resources [31 pages]
  24. Creating Panels and Controls [22 pages]
  25. Install Experience and Pre-Loaders [11 pages]
  26. Appendix A: Data Connection Setup [9 pages]

I've gotten really good feedback on some complex chapters, such as #16 on MVVM and #17 on WCF RIA Services.

Landing this one has been quite an effort. I've literally slept every other night for the past month, and even less in the last week. On the plus side, the humor got better with sleep deprivation :)

So, what's left to do?

I need to write the preface and "About this Book", and I need to respond to all the copy edits. We've already completed all the tech edits and content edits, so it's all spelling, style, and grammar now. I also need to update a few chapter references in the book, and go and number the images I took so they get stuffed in the right spots.

Publication to paper will be end of August, early September. MEAP Subscribers get electronic versions now, so if you're itching to get into Silverlight, go ahead and sign up for the MEAP + Paper or MEAP + Electronic versions at http://manning.com/pbrown

posted by Pete Brown on Friday, July 16, 2010
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12 comments for “Silverlight in Action: Chapters are Complete!”

  1. Kelpssays:
    Awesome! I already subscribed for the electronic more then 6 months ago. I was planning on writing one and gave up when I saw the amount of work you were doing. I just wish there was such good material in Brazilian Portuguese so other developers in here could jump in without fear.

    Looking forward for the next MEAP release!

    Best regards,
  2. Josh Einsteinsays:
    Congratulations, but I've been reading the MEAP releases for months now so I have to kindly request that you immediately begin work on a new book. And try to put more hours into it this time. There's no reason you need 3-4 hours of sleep each night. It's been proven that humans can get by with far less if you ignore the long-term consequences.

    But seriously, good job. There's plenty in there for everyone regardless of level. For example, I really liked the value converter tricks.
  3. Petesays:

    the MEF piece is the one bit I had to cut. I may add it on as a bonus electronic chapter or a blog post here. As it is, the solution for partitioning a navigation application is far more complex than I had considered. No page or time budget for it.

    I did add a lot more in other chapters, though :)


    Thanks everyone :)

  4. Ian Smithsays:
    Have enjoyed reading the MEAP, and it will be interesting to see who comes in with the highest page count. Matthew MacDonalds's Silverlight 3 version of his "Pro" book from Apress (until now, my recommended book for Silverlight, with the added advantage of being in full colour) clocked in at over 790 pages and still didn't cover stuff the more advanced subjects like MVVM, WCF RIA Services. So the two of you look like being in competition for the accolade "book with the highest number of pages".
  5. join_soonsays:
    It is one of the best -- now, having said that, it has too, too, too much non-sense talk, too much condecending crap. Are you a teacher before you start doing this? ---- sorry, I am so annoyed by your writing, I have to write this!!!

    1/4 of the book is foolish non-sense talk, why you like to do that??????

    introduction, transition, summary, all those stupidity ................................... I hate those stuffffff

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