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24 Hour 50% off Deal on my Upcoming Manning Book: Silverlight in Action, Revised Edition

Pete Brown - 09 February 2010

On Wednesday February 10, 2010 my book is on sale at Manning for 50% off.That’s print, MEAP, e-book or any combination of the bunch. This is a special thanks for blog subscribers and twitter followers.

To get the discount, visit my book page on Manning, choose the eBook or print book. When you’re ready to check out, enter the code:


in the coupon code box. The coupon is good only for Silverlight in Action, Revised Edition.

50% off is pretty sweet. For folks who select MEAP, know that there are already some chapters out, and a couple more that will be out in the next few days. More to follow after that. Great early access to content.

The sale is just for 24 hours, with a little slop to account for time zones. :)

[Note: the cat got out of the bag a little early, and the code was activated earlier this week. It’s still good for the bit more than 24 hours, but it will go away this week. In the words of every TV pitchman “Act now!” :) ]

[Update 2010-02-11: Some folks reporting problems with checkout. Manning is keeping the coupon code open a bit longer today as a result.]

posted by Pete Brown on Tuesday, February 9, 2010
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9 comments for “24 Hour 50% off Deal on my Upcoming Manning Book: Silverlight in Action, Revised Edition”

  1. Scottsays:
    Ummm... I appreciate the offer (which I've taken you up on), but with the postage to the UK at a hefty $35, it's effectively at list price anyway.

    The link takes me to what I guess is (clearly) a work in progress. Although the title is Silverlight 2, Revised, the contents hint at SL3/4 content.

    I don't want to be the only nay-sayer on this posting, but I hope our early optimism is well-founded.

  2. Pete Brownsays:

    It is absolutely a WIP. The publication date (as listed on that page) is June, possibly July.

    The title and subtitle from that page are:
    Silverlight in Action, Revised Edition
    Silverlight 4, ViewModel Pattern, and WCF RIA Services

    It says it is a revision of Chad Campbell's Silverlight 2 book. It's also shaping up to be almost twice as large as that book.

    Sorry about the shipping. There's always the electronic version :)

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