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Upcoming Deal on my Silverlight 4 Book for Blog Subscribers

Pete Brown - 04 February 2010

If you subscribe to my blog (you’re here, and it’s easy, just do it .. dooo itttt ;) click the RSS link above) there’s a Manning deal on my book coming next week. It’ll only be around for one day (Manning sets the terms, not me) and it is a really good deal.

If you haven’t checked it out yet, I encourage you to do so. Some chapters are already available to people who subscribed to the MEAP (Manning Early Access Program) for the book. That program gets you early on-line versions of chapters as well as updates as I incorporate your feedback. With technology that moves as quickly as Silverlight, it really is a great way to get ahead of the curve.

I have two more chapters (5 and 9) which will be on MEAP soon, and the rest in various stages of completion. Overall, the book is shaping up to be larger than originally anticipated, and certainly larger than the original 371 page Silverlight 2 book. I’ve incorporated lots of community feedback about the previous edition, plus Silverlight feedback in general, added to it a huge dose of what I feel is important and have come up with a really awesome book.

Here’s the current table of contents (subject to change, but not likely to):

  1. Introducing Silverlight
  2. Core XAML
  3. The Application Model and the Plug-In
  4. Integrating with the Browser
  5. Integrating with the Desktop
  6. Sizing, Positioning and Transforming Elements
  7. Displaying Text and Printing
  8. Human Input and Controls
  9. Binding
  10. Validation, Annotation, and Data Controls
  11. Networking and Communications
  12. Dialogs, Navigation, and Partitioning with MEF
  13. The ViewModel Pattern, Testing, and Debugging
  14. Introduction to WCF RIA Services
  15. Graphics and Effects
  16. Displaying and Capturing Images and Media
  17. Animation and Behaviors
  18. Styles, Templates, and Resources
  19. Creating Controls and UserControls
  20. Distribution and Deployment

This book is being targeted to people who want to dive deep into key areas of Silverlight, learn best practices, as well as just plain lean to work with the technology. I’ve made sure it is accessible to good programmers who are new to Silverlight, but not at the expense of making it a book experienced developers will want.

In short, I think this will be the best all-around Silverlight 4 book out there. I know, I’m humble :)


So subscribe to my blog (RSS link at the top of this page), and then when the deal shows up next week, be sure to take advantage of it.

Disclaimer: If this sounds like a shameless attempt to get more blog subscribers, it totally is. If it also sounds like a shameless attempt to sell more copies of my book, you’re two for two. Humor me, writing a blog and writing a book are both fun, but a ton of work :)

posted by Pete Brown on Thursday, February 4, 2010
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10 comments for “Upcoming Deal on my Silverlight 4 Book for Blog Subscribers”

  1. Ben Hayatsays:
    Pete, I see something strange with my previous post. I typed my name and now I see it says "Ben Ready said". Where did the "Ready" come from?

    The reason I asked, because it says it will be printed June 2010. So does it mean they want to start selling next week and then send the book in a few months. At least that's how it was with the previous version.
    And I had to send a bunch of emails to them before shipping mine!
  2. Pete Brownsays:

    Yes, I saw it said "Ready". Thought maybe it was a different Ben. Maybe you hit paste and had it in your buffer?

    Anyway, yes, these are pre-orders. Book is June/July. If you get the MEAP, you can download chapters as soon as they are available.


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