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Monthly Archives: May 2009

  • First night with Bing

    I managed to score a trial code for the new Bing service from Microsoft. I was a bit skeptical, but thought I’d give it a try. I really like lots of things that come from Microsoft, but I never cared for Live Search, and the name “Bing” is just, umm, silly. At least it isn’t Windows Live Bing XP 2010 SP3 Crosby Edition or something ;) I assume the name change came for a number of reasons, not ...

  • MSDN Mid-Atlantic Roadshows – Reston and Richmond

    Our world-famous DE, Andrew Duthie, (aka the .NET DEvHammer, twitter @devhammer) just pointed out to me that we have a great set of roadshows coming to the area next week (Reston and Richmond). If you want to get the skinny on developing for Windows 7 and IE8, these are can’t-miss sessions. I’m always impressed with the amount of free, quality training coming out of the local Microsoft field o...

  • May 19 - Pittsburgh .NET – Lap around Silverlight 3 and C64 Emulator

    Join us on May 19 at the Microsoft office in Pittsburgh for a double-dose of Silverlight 3: First we’ll talk about all the great new things coming out with Silverlight 3, then we’ll take a quick lap around the Silverlight 3 Commodore 64 emulator I wrote as a proof of concept. This is an INETA sponsored event. Join us at Pittsburgh .NET!

  • Lehigh Valley .NET May 18 – Intro to Silverlight 2 and 3

    Reminder to come join us at Lehigh Valley .NET for an INETA Sponsored Event: A Programmer’s Introduction to Silverlight 2 and 3, with a focus on the basics of two, and all the new interesting things coming out in Silverlight 3. Lehigh Valley .NET See you there!

  • More Pixel Shader Effects for Silverlight

    Did you know that the WPF Effects Library on CodePlex has been updated for Silverlight 3? If not, hurry up and check it out: http://wpffx.codeplex.com Here’s a Channel 9 video demonstrating the effects (in WPF). Below are two effect screen shots, and one transition screen shot, just taken using Silverlight 3. Another source of pixel shader HLSL code may be found on Rakesh’s blog here. I...

  • Playing around with Syntax Highlighter

    Feel free to ignore this post. I’m toying around with changing the code on my blog to use the syntax highlighting made possible via: Syntax Highlighter from Alex Gorbatchev Syntax Highlighter plugin for Windows Live Writer Rather than the rather bloated (and unfriendly to RSS readers) paste from Visual Studio, I thought I’d try this. The “paste from VS” method retained all the colors...

  • Silverlight MVP, and why I love Silverlight

    When I first became an MVP in January 2008 there was some questions as to what bucket Silverlight would fit into. After all, it was brand new; the only versions people were using publicly were Silverlight 1 and the Silverlight 1.1 alpha – it would be three more months before Silverlight 2 beta 1 went live, even though the name was changed from 1.1 to 2.0 well before then. At the time, I had acc...