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Monthly Archives: August 2008

  • Awesome 3d Spatial Navigation in Silverlight 2

    I love this UI. The navigation with the video cloud is just sweet. Move your mouse around, and use the mousewheel to zoom in and out. http://www.mojaveexperiment.com/ The previous version of this site was in another technology, and had pretty neat 3d UI. This one is even more immersive and invites exploration of the video content. Kudos to the team!

  • I’m in it for the Technology

    My annual review is coming up. This is the time when you’re encouraged to reflect on what you’ve done over the past year, and what you want to be when you grow up. While thinking through mine yesterday, and thinking about the ones from the past twelve years, I came to a realization: I’m in this for two reasons: I love the technology I love seeing others get excited about technology ...

  • Commodore 128 FTW!

    Just yesterday, I found and scanned an old photo of my first computer. Prior to the C128, I used C64s, apples etc. in school, but this one was at home, and saw a ton of use for programming, games , and word processing (GEOS 128).

  • Other Places I Hang Out Online

    There are a number of other places I hang out where we can have two-way conversations rather than just a publish-subscribe relationship. Follow me on Twitter. Twitter is a fun place to hang out and get the news before folks have time to blog about it. FriendFeed is similar, but I’m only on that rarely – my tweets get automatically posted there. By far, this is the most active group ...

  • Podcasters : Enable One-Click Zune Podcast Subscriptions

    Podcasters, did you know you can make subscribing via the Zune as simple as a single click on your website? This works using the zune://subscribe format. An example might be: zune://subscribe?TimCast=http://feeds.feedburner.com/timcast-wmv Here’s the ZuneInsider article on the subject. It includes links to some chicklets you can use, as well as the official Zune 1-click chicklet. If you p...

  • CAPTCHA Fail

    I’m glad there’s an option to get a different challenge

  • It’s the Little Things – UI Nit in Vista

    I like Windows Vista. I’ve been running it since the beta period, and it has been my primary operating system since it was released. Despite some of the common hearsay, Vista is very stable. I typically leave my machine on for weeks on end, rebooting only if I have to install a service pack to a tool or something (like the .NET SP1 and VS2008 SP1 sp). I run all sorts of beta stuff, dev tools, g...

  • Silverlight/.NET vs Flash/Flex (or not) and My Silverlight Wishlist

    I was going to present an analogy using different types of cars, but more often than not, the analogy breaks down on some key point or carries some baggage that just doesn’, and folks start picking apart the analogy and assuming it still applies to the real discussion. The only way to get a perfect analogy is to just talk about what you’re talking about :). So anyway… Why is it ok to bark abou...