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Monthly Archives: August 2007

  • See you at BaltoMSDN on September 19

    I'll be presenting about Silverlight and the Carbon Calculator at the September 19 BaltoMSDN meeting. Thanks to Ed Mullin for hooking me up with that gig.This one promises to be fun. Not only do you get to learn about something interesting, but there will also be beer and refreshments. Maybe I'll run a contest to see how many beers until my design skills improve - not sure yet if that w...

  • SharePoint Blogs - The Carbon Calculator Silverlight 1.1 Project

    I previously posted about the Carbon Calculator we wrote using the Silverlight 1.1 alpha bits and MOSS 2007. At Microsoft's request, we put together a brief "how we did it" blog posting that is out as of today.(We're working with Conservation International to get the calculator updated to the latest Silverlight bits. I'll post once that is deployed)

  • Expression Blend 2 August Preview Refresh Now Available

    Please see the announcement.

  • Kitchen Renovation Update

    I just took a "vacation" <g> for a week, and managed to get a bunch of cabinetry done. Below are some photos of the current state. I have another two weeks coming up in September, so I should be able to get a bunch more completed at that time. Also keep in mind that the open spaces you see in the photos will be covered with door and drawer fronts. Upper Cabinet Legs The wall ...

  • ComponentOne Controls for Silverlight 1.1

    ComponentOne "Sapphire" is a set of UI controls for Silverlight 1.1. The animations on some (especially the hyperpanel) still need work, but overall, this is a really nice and complete set of controls. They even include a number of the missing panel controls. I would expect a number of these controls will be redundent when the final SL 1.1 release comes out, but choice is usually ...

  • Holy Cow! Speech Synthesis is Much Easier These Days

    I used to have a very thick tome titled "MAPI, TAPI, SAPI" or some reordering of those acronyms. I recall that SAPI was a bit of a chore to use to get voice synthesis going.Well, I've been messing with .NET 3.5, and found a .NET 3.0 "System.Speech" namespace after looking at SAPI to read the timestamp on voice mail messages. It's a nice managed equivalent of SAPI. So...

  • TAPI and Telephony Resources for .NET

    I've been kicking around the idea of writing a windows service that acts as an answering machine and integrates with the rest of my network (accessible from the kitchen PC, for example), but I found .NET TAPI information hard to come by. TAPI 3.0 isn't officially supported when accessed via managed code (and I found enough information to make me think that that is for good reason), so ....

  • The State of the Web in 1994

    Wow, we've come a long way since then  [+o(]Web Site Screen Shots from 1994 Be sure to check to check out that funky Microsoft site too.

  • What's new in WPF 3.5

    Some cool things coming in WPF 3.5. My favorite is the baked-in support for controls on 3d surfaces. There was an add-in for this for previous versions (which worked but was not completely integrated), but this is great news for future applications!I still have my Kitchen PC project on the back burner (I keep waffling between working on that and working on another Silverlight project - bot...

  • AVG AntiVirus and 1.1 Alpha Refresh-Friendly VS2008 Beta 2 Project Template

    Use this at your own risk. No warranty implied.  I built this today because the current templates still don't work for people using AVG anti-virus. I no longer use that myself, but I remember what a pain it was.This zip file fixes two isses. 1. You get the correct 1.1 Alpha Refresh Silverlight.js and related files, 2. you get AVG-friendly file names and 3. I set up SL to take up 100% o...

  • Correct Silverlight 1.1 Alpha Refresh Silverlight.js File

    The Silverlight 1.1 SDK comes with a 1.0 version of the Silverlight.js file. I'm not sure if MSFT intended us to make some modification to that, or it was just a mistake when they deployed. If you use the file that came with the SDK, your users will get prompted to download the 1.0 RC version of Silverlight instead of the 1.1 Alpha Refresh.You can get the correct version from my site's ...