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Monthly Archives: July 2007

  • Silverlight Beat Box Drum Machine

    Very cool!In Silverlight 1.0 with real beatbox sounds. Check it out :)

  • Free Game Tiles for Silverlight, WPF and More

    This is probably the first time I have seen someone release any real assets in Microsoft Expression Design .design and Silverlight .xaml formats.Free Game Tiles : Planet CuteEnjoy!

  • Silverlight Balloons Version 3

    The Silverlight 1.1 July Alpha Refresh is out, and with it, I can release this post.This version of Silverlight Balloons has been updated to work with the Silverlight 1.1 Alpha Refresh. I've been wanting to release this for a bit, but had to sit on it until the refresh became public.Some updates:First of all, animation performance in the refresh appears to be about 15-20% better than the pr...

  • Ready to Run MOSS 2007 Evaluation VHD

    Load this up into Virtual PC and have at it.http://www.microsoft.com/downloads/details.aspx?FamilyID=67F93DCB-ADA8-4DB5-A47B-DF17E14B2C74&displaylang=enYou can get to most Microsoft products this way now. Check out http://www.microsoft.com/vhd 

  • Play your Commodore 64 Games on-line

    It's pretty funny when technology has advanced so much that you can do a decent job with real-time emulation of hardware inside of a byte-code langage inside a browser (java applet in this case)Play some old C64 games online.

  • Dr. Who

    At various points during the 80s and early 90s, I owned a Roland Juno 106, a Korg DW8000, and a Roland Alpha Juno, I still have an interest in old analog and analog-to-digital transition era synths. Anyway, I was looking at some vintage synthesizer stuff yesterday and stream-of-consciousness surfing (I believe my wife refers to that as "wasting time" <g>) led me to&nbs...

  • New Star Wars Game

    Star Wars the Force Unleashed Check out the main video for this, but stick around for some of the engine details (the materials simulations and the AI). All are very cool.If the content changes on that site by the time you read this, also check out:http://www.lucasarts.com/games/theforceunleashed/

  • Server Migration - New Box, New OS

    Now that I have completed the Silverlight project, I had a few moments to tie up some loose ends on my own computers at home. I migrated my sites over to a new machine tonight. The new box is a dual 2.4ghz xeon IBM xSeries 345 server with 2.5gb RAM and four 15,000 SCSI drives, running Windows Server 2008 (longhorn) Beta 1. The old box was a 1.0ghz P3 with 768mb RAM runn...

  • 50 Silverlight Applications

    Tim Sneath has a nice roll of 50 example Silverlight applications that are currently out there.

  • Silverlight 1.1 Carbon Offset Calculator is out!

    I've written about some Silverlight work lately, but couldn't really talk about it until now. Well, I can finally talk about it officially :)The Silverlight 1.1 alpha Carbon Calculator that I and Steve Suing from Applied Information Sciences built was released into production last night, just in time for Live Earth. We're still doing a little bit of shake-out (and video ed...

  • Silverlight links, and how to get started with Silverlight

    As a follow-up to last night's CMAP presentation, here are some of the links I spoke about.My Blog and my main web siteMicrosoft's main Silverlight siteSilverlight Community (blogs, forums, demos, quick starts etc.)Visual Studio 2008 (Orcas) Download PageVisual Studio 2008 Add-Ons for Silverlight. This gives you the project templates, xsds etc.Silverlight 1.1 Alpha S...

  • Cool Silverlight + Virtual Earth Game Mashup

    We're doing VE + SL on our current project (to be released in under a week!), but it's nowhere near as fun as this :)Check out Andy Beaulieu's game Destroy All Invaders!