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Monthly Archives: May 2007

  • AIS and Microsoft get SharePoint 2007 Certified DOD 5015.2

    Our team at Applied Information Sciences (my employer for the past 11 years), just completed the certification process for the add-ins they wrote for MOSS 2007. AIS had a signficant amount of development to do to make MOSS compliant. The faith Microsoft put in us, to develop for a core product an add-on which Microsoft will make available under their own name, is significant and (in my opi...

  • More Reasons not to Impose the HPV Vaccine on your Daughter (or Son)

    My wife got me interested in learing about vaccines when she was pregnant with Ben. I became interested when I saw that some of the vaccines I had when I was a child were later pulled from the market because of the number of nasty effects. I've had similar experiences with other medications as well. For a while my doctor had me on Propulsid for my stomach. That was later pulled from the mar...

  • Silverlight Ag Trivia

    If you do any Silverlight or WPF/E work, you've likely run across a control named "AgHost" or the prefix "Ag" used in various places in the code(moreso in WPF/E). That naming looks like it is slowly going away in favor of using the full word "Silverlight", but the "Ag" prefix is still there in the javascript.Ag is the symbol for Argentum, wh...

  • Weekend Happenings, 486 dx4/100, Racks

    This was an interesting weekend.We had the AIS company picnic on Saturday, which was a lot of fun. I couldn't believe how many young kids (under 2) were there. My son love the ballons and whatnot. Unfortunately, he picked up a deer tick so we're off to the doctor today for that.Saturday night, I ripped open my PC (which really needs an upgrade once the server/infrastructure situation ca...

  • BaltoMSDN Tonight

    Mark Lindell gave a great intro talk on WCF tonight at the BaltoMSDN meeting. He also has some interesting content on his blog. Check it out.

  • Geek!

    I just won a close-to-mint condition APC ar2100blk 42u server rack on eBay. I need to pick it up in the next week or so from a person in Baltimore. I had been waiting some time now for a good black server rack with sides and doors to show up locally on eBay. Most of the good ones are out of Texas and California, and shipping 400 pounds up from there gets pretty expensive pretty quickly.Tha...

  • Adventures with HTPC

    Over the weekend, I seriously looked into what I could do to have a centralized media server in the house and a HTPC setup in the TV room. It turns out, it's a lot more difficult to get a good experience than you would think. Ideally I'd like a full solution that gives me:TV everywhere, including on-demand (currently have this with Comcast). Only viewing one channel at a time across the...

  • Internet Radio

    This site has a pretty decent set of links to various internet radio streams. It's grouped by genre and also by state.The quality is hardly CD quality (or even regular broadcast quality), but it is very helpful for those of us who live in areas that for who-knows-what-reason don't get any clean radio signals.

  • Silverlight and Flash... Oh, and the Silverlight Poster

    Vishwas turned me on to this article, by Jesse Ezell, pointing out some of the shortcomings in Flash that are addressed by Silverlight. Unlike most blog posts out there, I found that the comments actually added a lot of good material to the discussion (at least through today's comments), so please read them as well. The discussion around this article is pretty sane, which makes me thin...

  • It's Just a Demo

    The productivity messaging hasn't changed much since last year. I argued last year that these unrealistic start->full app timelines tossed out during the keynotes really hurt our industry as they set out very unrealistic expectations. Last year it was all about the famous WPF kiosk application for The North Face. Despite how it was presented in the keynote, it was far from productio...

  • Looking for Sample Videos?

    High resolution (720p and 1080p) HD sample WMV files at Microsoft.com. These include some of the samples used to demo video encoding at the Silverlight media deep-dive session today.You can also find lower resolution but amusing public domain videos at the Open Video Project.

  • MIX07 Flickr Photos

    The MIX07 photos are up here.

  • MIX.Silverlight

    When I attended MIX last year, it was all about WPF, with only one real session talking about a future technology called WPF/E. At the time, I was focused primarily on WPF and viewed WPF/E as something that was interesting, but too limited to be very useful.This year, the conversation is almost entirely about Silverlight (both 1.0 and, more interestingly, 1.1). While 1.0 is very much a limited ...