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Monthly Archives: April 2006

  • Upgraded to Community Server 2.0

    I upgraded to Community Server 2.0 today. Overall it is an improvement, although I have not yet found a new skin I like.

  • More on Vista on VPC

    In response to my post regarding Vista on VPC, it was suggested that I bump up the ram and also install the Virtual Server 2005 additions (I had previously installed the Virtual PC additions and they had no effect) I bumped the VPC ram up to 1gig (1024mb), and installed the Virtual Server 2005 extensions (odd that the server extensions would be recommended, but I did it anyway). The end resul...

  • PSP Background in WPF using Expression Interactive Designer

    Sean Gerety put together a nice blog post / tutorial on creating an attractive animated app background using EID. The background features some thick splines with gradient fills, animated to flow around. It's a great example of what you can accomplish with relatively simple primatives and animation.  

  • TabletKiosk eo UMPC Review

    First look and review of this UMPC (or Origami PC, if you want) in WMV format may be found here: jkOnTheRun

  • Picked up the Maple

    My father in law and I picked up the maple this past rainy Saturday. We figure it weighed in at around 2500 pounds, a little over the rating on his truck. Nevertheless, we made the almost two hour trip back in the pouring rain with no problems.The wood is currently in my basement (which is heated and open to the upstairs) acclimating. I will cut it into manageable pieces and begin the resawing ...

  • Wood for the Cabinets

    I made a trip up to Hearne Hardwoods in Pennsylvania today to check out and buy (if I liked it) the wood for the kicthen cabinets. I purchased an entire trees worth (about 420 board feet) of Ghost Tiger Maple, sometimes called Wormy Maple. This differs from Spalted Maple in that the fungus infected the tree via worm holes instead of just regular rot (spalting).We both wanted something different...