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About Me


Hi, I'm Pete Brown - not the beer-reviewing Pete Brown, or the singer/songwriter Pete Brown, but the dev geek Pete Brown.

From June 1996 through September 2009 I was a .NET Architect, Project Manager, and Client Technologies Evangelist at Applied Information Sciences (AIS). As of October 12, 2009, I am the XAML and gadget guy at Microsoft. I live in the suburbs between Annapolis, MD and Washington DC.


Pete Brown is a Windows Platform Evangelist, XAML and Gadget guy at Microsoft. He's a father of two, and husband to one. When not trying to blow stuff up, or electrocute himself (or talk about himself in the third-person) Pete focuses on the community around code that has nothing to do with a browser (Windows 8, WPF, Silverlight, .NET Micro Framework, Robotics, and more), with a particular focus on XAML and things that blink in the night.

Pete is the author of the best-selling Silverlight 4 in Action, and of the new Silverlight 5 in Action, both published by Manning, and Windows 8 XAML in Action, currently in development with Manning. It will be amazing, and your purchase will help him afford replacements for the stuff he has blown up in the course of research.

From his first sprite graphics and custom character sets on the Commodore 64 to 3d modeling and design through to Silverlight, Surface, XNA, and WPF, Pete has always had a deep interest in programming, design, and user experience. His involvement in Silverlight goes back to the Silverlight 1.1 alpha application that he co-wrote and put into production in July 2007. Pete has been programming for fun since 1984, and professionally since 1992.

In his spare time, Pete enjoys programming, blogging, robotics, electronics, designing and building his own woodworking projects, synthesizers, and raising his two children with his wife in the suburbs of Maryland. Pete's site and blog is at 10rem.net, and you can follow him on Twitter at http://twitter.com/pete_brown

While it has been turned over to the community since Frank and Pete both joined Microsoft, Pete is a founding member of the CapArea .NET Silverlight SIG. (Visit the CapArea. NET Silverlight SIG here )

Super Short Bio

Pete Brown is a a Windows Platform Technical Evangelist at Microsoft. Pete is the author of Silverlight 5 in Action, and Windows 8 XAML in Action, both published by Manning. Pete's site and blog is at 10rem.net, and you can follow him on Twitter at http://twitter.com/pete_brown

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