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About 10REM.net

This is information about Pete Brown's site and blog. For bio information about Pete, see the bio page.

In 2009 I finalized the long search for a new domain name. My old domain name, irritatedvowel.com, was growing old. Despite its amusing history, it was annoying to spell, was too long, and, to use the words my manager at Microsoft had for it: "Dude, that's gross".

My blog had a Commodore 64 theme going, so I turned to the C64 for inspiration. I wanted a short domain name that would be easy to spell (yes, I own tenrem.net too) and would tie into the overall site theme. I figured C64 and programming, how could I go wrong? (Yes, that's a C128 in the photo. I started on the C64 in 7th grade, but didn't get a computer of my own until 10th grade. That lovely baby is what my parents got me that year for Christmas - with the works!)

Even back in the 80s we all knew that good programs started with a comment. If you programmed in BASIC, the comment would look something like this:

20 REM WRITTEN 10/19/1984
30 REM ----------------------
40 POKE 53280,0:POKE 53281,0
60 SYS 64738

(Bonus points if you know what the program does)

Hence, 10rem.net was born. I liked the C64 tie in, as well as the slightly-intended consequence of it looking like "lorem" (as in lorem ipsum), something I use a lot when mocking up sites and applications.

10rem.net is hosted on Umbraco CMS, an open-source ASP.NET-based content management system. I've customized the templates and xslt and added some user controls and other bits. As to the core, other than some optimizations to the blog engine, it's pretty much all stock code.

Thanks to the great community at the Umbraco community site for helping me with some of the tricker xslt and optimizations.

About My Blog

The name of this blog (POKE 53280,0) comes from the old Commodore 64 BASIC command to set the border of the screen black. This was usually followed by "POKE 53281,0" which did the same for the main part of the screen. The Commodore 64 was the first computer that really captured my interest because you do animate things in color, and create your own character sets. The level of expression you had was very high for computers of the time. Of course, my phone has a higher res screen than that computer had (and tons more memory and processing power), but I'll always remember that computer as the one that captured my interest back in 7th grade.

I used to host my website and blog on separate platforms (the site was all custom code, the blog was community server) on the same server, so my blog had the luxury of having a separate name. Now that I've migrated everything over, I've kept the name both because I like it, and because I think it brings back great memories for those of us who grew up in the 70s and 80s.

Interested in learning about me? Visit my bio page