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Archive for tag: MIX07

  • Tracking Silverlight Performance - Redraw Regions

    Seema Ramchandani gave a talk back at ReMIX07 in Boston which conflicted with my "Real World Silverlight" talk, so I unfortunately didn't get to see her then. However, she just gave a talk this week in Redmond. In that talk, she showed how redraw regions can be turned on in Silverlight so that you can see how animation, video, property changes etc. all affect how large an are...

  • Silverlight and the Carbon Calculator Podcast Interview with Brian Eastwood

    Back in October, Brian Eastwood from SearchWinDevelopment.com attended my session at ReMIX07 in Boston, and later wrote up an article based on that. A week or so back, Brian also interviewed me for a podcast regarding our Silverlight work at AIS, specifically around the Conservation International Carbon Calculator Steve Suing and I wrote this spring/summer. We discussed some things th...

  • Brian Eastwood's article on the Silverlight Carbon Calculator

    Brian attended my session at ReMIX07 in Boston earlier this month, and wrote up this great article covering our real world Silverlight project. Thanks Brian! 

  • UserControls as Screens in Silverlight 1.1 - Part 2 of 2

    In Part 1, I outlined how we handled screen management in the Silverlight 1.1 Carbon Calculator. In Part 2, I'll present a basic framework for handling similar screen management in your own Silverlight applications. If you haven't yet read Part 1, please do so, as it presents the basics we're building upon here.Links for the demo application and the source code are both po...

  • UserControls as Screens in Silverlight 1.1 - Part 1 of 2

    The main pattern I followed in the Silverlight 1.1 Carbon Calculator UI development was the pattern of using UserControls as screens. I spoke about this pattern in my Remix07 Presentation in Boston this week during my Real World Silverlight session.I presented about this pattern back in the late 90s when I talked about implementing it in VB6 for Outlook-like and Wizard-like application user int...

  • Hit Tracking, Usage, and Web Analytics in Silverlight 1.1

    I hadn't blogged about this before, because the solution was really simple. From looking around the net a bit, though, I see that folks have really struggled with this with other RIA platforms. So read below to see how simple this was to do in Silverlight.For the Carbon Calculator project, we had to integrate HitBox usage tracking into the application. Steve was in charge of that implementa...

  • Nikhil Kothari's Web Development Helper

    If you attended Brad Abrams' Remix07 Boston session on Silverlight, Ajax and Video, you saw him use Nikhil Korhari's Web Development Helper.I highly recommend this tool. You can download it from Nikhil's projects site here.

  • Links from my ReMIX07 Boston Silverlight Talk

    Here are some links from today's ReMIX 07 talk in Boston, and a couple extras that may be of interestSilverlight Community SiteApplied Information SciencesBalloons Demo with Source Code (be sure to read the past posts on it as well, linked via the trackbacks)Silverlight Carbon Calculator Production SiteCarbon Calculator "How We Did it" post at the Microsft SharePoin...

  • I Love the Smell of Bandwidth in the Morning

    I'm at a hotel in Boston, doing some last-minute updates to my Remix07 slide deck. I tried to do these last night, but found it impossible; there wasn't even enough bandwidth for a consistent IM connection. The surest way to completely collapse a hotel's network infrastructure is to host a Microsoft conference there.7:00 in the morning, on the other hand, is a completely different e...

  • Remix07Boston Speaker Bios and Agenda

    The agenda is up for Remix 07 in Boston.Here's the information on the Silverlight session I'll be doing.For the Silverlight version, click here and go over to Tuesday.

  • CMAP Silverlight talk on Tuesday October 2

    I'll be speaking at the CMAP General Meeting on Tuesday October 2, 2007. Since there will be another Silverlight introduction session covered by another developer, I will be focusing almost entirely on the Carbon Calculator and how Silverlight worked on that project.This will be very similar to the presentation I and scheduled for at Remix07 in Boston.See you there!

  • Looking to Attend Remix07 in Boston?

    Are you looking to learn about Silverlight, AJAX, and WPF? If so, use this registration code to save $100 on the registration for Remix 07 in Boston:RM07EXTBMicrosoft has made that code available for the speakers to share with anyone who wishes to attend.What to expect at ReMIX07 Boston …If you’re in the web business, learn about: Building a better user experience to unlock ne...

  • Moonlight: Silverlight on Mono

    Thanks to Tom McKearney for pointing this one out to meMoonlight: Silverlight implemented on Mono in 21 daysThe cross-platform story for Silverlight just got a bit more compelling!

  • Silverlight and Flash... Oh, and the Silverlight Poster

    Vishwas turned me on to this article, by Jesse Ezell, pointing out some of the shortcomings in Flash that are addressed by Silverlight. Unlike most blog posts out there, I found that the comments actually added a lot of good material to the discussion (at least through today's comments), so please read them as well. The discussion around this article is pretty sane, which makes me thin...

  • It's Just a Demo

    The productivity messaging hasn't changed much since last year. I argued last year that these unrealistic start->full app timelines tossed out during the keynotes really hurt our industry as they set out very unrealistic expectations. Last year it was all about the famous WPF kiosk application for The North Face. Despite how it was presented in the keynote, it was far from productio...

  • Looking for Sample Videos?

    High resolution (720p and 1080p) HD sample WMV files at Microsoft.com. These include some of the samples used to demo video encoding at the Silverlight media deep-dive session today.You can also find lower resolution but amusing public domain videos at the Open Video Project.

  • MIX07 Flickr Photos

    The MIX07 photos are up here.

  • MIX.Silverlight

    When I attended MIX last year, it was all about WPF, with only one real session talking about a future technology called WPF/E. At the time, I was focused primarily on WPF and viewed WPF/E as something that was interesting, but too limited to be very useful.This year, the conversation is almost entirely about Silverlight (both 1.0 and, more interestingly, 1.1). While 1.0 is very much a limited ...

  • See you at MIX07

    I'll be attending MIX again this year. Highlights include WPF and WPF/e.Due to the nature of the crowd MIX tries to attact, they do night clubs instead of something fun. This year, the night event is at the PURE nightclub in LV. While I wasn't really into that, I checked into it anyway. They have one of the strictest dress codes of any nightclub out there. The references I found said th...