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Welcome to Pete Brown's 10REM.NET (ten rem dot net). Windows Client Developer content (Windows Runtime / WinRT XAML, WPF, C++), Creative music apps (synthesizers, controllers and more) .NET Micro Framework, Netduino, and .NET Gadgeteer, Windows on Devices, IoT, Commodore 64 fun, Desktop Wallpaper, Woodworking, Model Railroading, Western Maryland Railway Information, CNC Machining, Resin Casting, Nature Photography and more.

Pete's focus at Microsoft is on helping developers create great Windows and device applications, especially in the creative music app and IoT spaces. Pete speaks locally in the mid-atlantic US, as well as internationally, and creates content all over the place. Oh, and Pete adores his C64. :)

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  • Running a simple .NET console app on the Intel Galileo with Windows

    A few weeks back, my friend Morten Neilsen tweeted that he was able to get a .NET console app running on the Intel Galileo with Windows. I was curious because that's not a scenario we thought would work. So, I thought I'd try it out myself. Please note that .NET is not currently supported on the Intel Galileo, but it's still fun to experiment and see what works and what doesn't. To join the...

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